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Visionary founders partner with us to embrace new opportunities and unlock their potential for innovation.


When you’re in the early stages of building your business, you need more than just funding. You need a partner who understands your unique challenges and vision.

Access a VC partner with startup experience

Imagine having the opportunity to learn directly from successful startup founders who have walked the path you’re embarking on. Why not get firsthand experience from seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully built and scaled their own businesses?

Gain access to highly valuable insights, knowledge, and expertise. It’s easier to make informed decisions and navigate the challenges of your early-stage deep tech business while in good company.

Turbocharge your delivery with software engineering experts

You’ve joined the thrilling realm of deep tech startups and realized that keeping up with the lightning-fast pace is a must. You also know that software engineering holds the key to your success in this exciting journey.

If you need to, our squad of software engineers and know-how are here to supercharge your team and propel your continuous delivery into overdrive.

No matter what type of cutting-edge technology you are crafting, we’ve got your back.

Embrace your Startup journey in an open, trusting relationship

Building a startup requires both courage and determination. It’s a journey that only a select few dare to venture upon.

That’s precisely why we prioritize a human approach, putting you front and center.

You will experience direct and open communication with partners that listen and foster a vibrant culture where your entrepreneurial spirit and innovative character can thrive.

Deep Tech Focus.
Unleashing the Tech Titans.

We founded coreteq ventures to empower startups dedicated to building software technologies that have a significant impact on components higher up the stack.

We invest in early stage deep tech software such as platforms, frameworks, server side applications and libraries, AI components, and developer tools.

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In our journey, trust and collaboration have been our most valuable resources.
We haven’t reached this point by staying passive or reserved.

Instead, we have embraced the power of sharing ideas, having open conversations, seeking guidance, and taking calculated risks.

Investment focus: pre-seed start-ups dedicated to

Crypto Technologies
AI Components
Developer Tools
Server side Applications
Software Frameworks
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Privacy Lock has found a great partner in coreteq ventures. Their team brings considerable experience in building scalable, deep tech solutions, and has great strategic insights for accelerating the growth of a startup. Coreteq ventures is helping us deliver best-in-class privacy solutions to global customers. We look forward to working with them to expand Privacy Lock’s market opportunities and to delivering the next generation of privacy technologies.

David Ritter
CEO, Privacy Lock

Coreteq’s early investment gave Serenity the fuel we needed to build momentum. They also offered invaluable support via their talented engineering resources, which enabled us to significantly advance our product development. As we scale, coreteq has renewed their commitment with further investment in Serenity and leveraged their network to open doors for us. We couldn’t ask for a more trusted partner to have in our corner as we grow.

Kathy Wells
CEO, Serenity Connect


Every tech company starts with an innovative idea.

In 2010, software entrepreneurs Gabor Puhalla and Rasta Kanocz started profiq, a small, determined engineering services business with a big mission—to bring tech companies’ innovations to life.

Eleven years and 20 many well-known clients later, including Avast, ForgeRock, bill.com, and DivvyPay, their company caught the attention of a major player in the industry, leading to its acquisition. They began brainstorming their next innovative idea—a new type of venture capital company focused on mitigating the risks early-stage startups face through pre-seed investment, cutting edge engineering talent, and the wisdom and guidance of startup veterans.

Passionate about supporting deep tech startups, they provide funding, mentorship, and guidance to help turn visionary ideas into reality. With their own start-up’s expertise and resources, Rasta and Gabor are ideal partners for startups seeking exponential growth, poised to pave the way for innovation and empower the next generation of game-changers.

profiq founded (basement-level office)
Entered Silicon Valley
San Francisco
New Engineering Centre of Excellence
Grew to 50 people
Czechia and USA
corteq ventures ramps up
Czechia and USA
This weekend
June 13-15
If you’re attending or in the vicinity, let’s meet up!